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For more than a decade, the Reaction Search Houston Consulting Executive Search Firm Specialty Team has provided its Consulting clients with superior Consulting talent acquisitions by matching Top Consulting Professionals with Employers in the Houston, Texas Metro Area.

Whether you are seeking a CFO or to build an entire Consulting or audit team virtually overnight, Reaction Search Houston Consulting Executive Search Consulting Firm is the answer; we connect time-strapped employers with talented Consulting candidates.

Our highly trained executive recruiting firm has real-world Consulting experience and insight, making them the best suited for conducting construction executive search to enhance the staffing infrastructure in both private and public organizations.

The Houston Consulting Executive Recruiting Specialty Teams provides recruiting services for clients in the Advertising, Biotechnology, Banking, Business Services, Information Technology, Construction, Consumer Products, Computer Software & Hardware, Finance, Human Resources, Healthcare, Insurance, Industrial, Legal, Marketing, Technology, Manufacturing, Medical, Outsourcing, Pharmaceutical, and Telecommunications industries.

Our Executive Recruiters Houston team specializes in:

  • CEO
  • President
  • COO
  • CIO
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice President
  • Director
  • Group Manager
  • Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Engineer
  • Account Manager
  • Account Executive

A Nationwide Consulting Executive Staffing Network in Houston, TX:

As a nationwide executive job search firm with an expansive network of professional Consulting headhunters Houston located in most major cities across the nation, Reaction Search and its Consulting executive recruiters Houston are dedicated to identifying, evaluating, recruiting, and delivering the highest-caliber Consulting professionals by utilizing an established process in matching and delivering high-caliber Consulting candidates, who are prepared to begin contributing to your company immediately, with positions that fit their unique skill set.

What sets RSI’s Houston Consulting Executive Recruiting Agencies apart from others?

One of the many dimensions that make our Consulting top executive truly unique is the fact that they are Consulting executive industry insiders. Our Houston Consulting recruitment company teams have actually worked in the positions for which they now recruit talent. With this unique insight and perspective, they are better equipped to deliver search results that continue to uphold and ensure our firm’s consistently high retention rates within the Houston Consulting Top Recruiting Firms.

Because our job recruiters Houston are familiar with the key Houston Consulting players and the “ins and outs” of the Houston Consulting field, they know the questions to ask, and are able to quickly and effectively assess candidate competency. These insights amongst other dimensions enable our Houston headhunters to consistently recruit premium Consulting candidates. These are just a few of many ways in which our Job Recruiters Houston distinguish themselves from recruiting agencies who are just trying to hastily fulfill an executive job search.

From start-up to Fortune 500 companies, our extensive Houston Consulting industry knowledge base and proven track record of accomplishments enables our firm, RSI, to expeditiously and thoroughly tailor and fulfill each Houston Consulting Executive Search. Simply, we provide outstanding service and bottom line results by servicing a comprehensive range of disciplines.

Houston, Texas Executive Search Recruiters Houston’s economy is heavily based around its energy industry- particularly the oil and gas industry. While there are several other large companies headquartered in Houston, oil and natural gas giants continue to be the city’s major employers and main sources of revenue. Houston is a center for the manufacturing and transportation of oilfield equipment as well. In 2010 the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metropolitan statistical area’s gross domestic product was $385 billion. By GDP, the Houston MSA would be the world’s 22nd largest economy if it were its own country.

Fortune 500 Companies This is a list of the Fortune 500 Companies within 50 miles of Houston. Of these 25 companies, 23 are located in Houston. In fact, Houston is second only to New York City for cities with the highest number of Fortune 500 Companies. The other two companies are located in The Woodlands and Sugar Land.

Fortune 500 Co., Houston Metro Area
  • ConocoPhillips (4)
  • Enterprise Products Partners (62)
  • Sysco (69)
  • Plains All American Pipeline (87)
  • Halliburton (118)
  • Baker Hughes (141)
  • Apache (154)
  • Marathon Oil (173)
  • National Oilwell Varco (184)
  • Anadarko Petroleum (192)
  • Waste Management (203)
  • EOG Resources (263)
  • KBR (280)
  • Enbridge Energy Partners (282)
  • CenterPoint Energy (305)
  • Kinder Morgan (311)
  • Targa Resources (361)
  • Cameron International (362)
  • Calpine (364)
  • Group 1 Automotive (405)
  • Spectra Energy (438)
  • FMC Technologies (475)
  • CVR Energy (477)
  • El Paso (488)
  • MRC Global (493)
Additional Notable Companies in Houston are:
  • Men’s Warehouse
  • Waste Management
  • Shell Oil Company
  • Pennzoil
  • Plains Exploration and Production

Houston, Texas Executive Search City Snapshot: Welcome to Houston, Texas; “Space City,” “H-Town,” the “Energy Capital of the World,” and Men’s Health Magazine’s “Fattest City in America.” Houston is HUGE (and not just the people). The city is home to over 2 million people and one of the tallest skylines in the world. Houston’s JP Morgan Chase Tower, Wells Fargo Bank Plaza, and Williams Tower all crack the list of top 50 tallest buildings in the U.S. As of 2012, 10 of the nation’s 100 tallest buildings are in Houston. Some famous people raised in this large, Texas city are: director Wes Anderson; broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite; South Park’s Matt Stone; actors Dennis and Randy Quaid, Patrick Swayze, and Isaiah Washington; comedian Bill Hicks; athletes Clyde Drexler, Vince Young, Roger Clemens, and George Foreman; singers Beyoncé Knowles, Lyle Lovett, Kelly Rowland, and Kenny Rogers; aerospace engineer, film director, and entrepreneur Howard Hughes; and famed heart surgeon Denton Cooley.

In 1836 Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen purchased the land that is present day Houston, Texas. The Allen brothers were real estate entrepreneurs from New York who wanted to build a city along the Buffalo Bayou and take advantage of shipping routes to the Gulf of Mexico. They decided to name the city Houston after Sam Houston, hero of the Battle of San Jacinto and first president of the Republic of Texas. The city grew rapidly and by 1837 was the temporary capital of Texas.

By the 1860s, Houston had become a commercial shipping center for the South. During the American Civil War access to the city expanded to accommodate for Confederate Army operations. Then, in 1901, oil was discovered near Beaumont, Texas. This sparked the development of the Texas petroleum industry, which is still Houston’s most valuable industry today. By 1930 Houston was Texas’ most populated city.

After WWII, Houston experienced another population boom. In 1961 NASA built its “Manned Spacecraft Center” in Houston, which it used to defeat the Soviets in the race for lunar domination. Also, the invention of air conditioning led many companies to move their headquarters to the Houston area. Since its foundation, the city of Houston has not stopped growing. However, in the 1980s Houston’s economy suffered a slight setback as a result of the drop in nation-wide oil prices. Although it is still heavily reliant on its oil industry,

Houston has tried to diversify its economy over the last couple decades by growing its healthcare, biotechnology, and aerospace industries.

Population: 2,099,451
Metropolitan Area: N/A
Major Industries: Energy - particularly oil, gas and natural gas - manufacturing and transportation
Attractions: Lynden B. Johnson Space Center, San Jacinto Monument, The Williams Waterfall, Astrodome, USS Texas

According to 2010 Census data, 2,099,451 people live in Houston. An estimated 400,000 more undocumented, illegal immigrant reside in the city as well. Houston is a young, multicultural city with a wide variation of ethnic and racial backgrounds. As a result the city is also very segregated. For the most part, Whites and Asians live in the western part of the city. Blacks tend to live in the north, east, and south ends of the city while Hispanic neighborhoods make up the city’s northeast and southeast residential zones.

Also, many of Houston’s residents are young. 17.16% of the city’s population is made up of 25 to 34 year olds. This demographic makes up only 13.4% of the national population. Many of the city’s young people are immigrants. Over 500,000 Houston residents are foreign born with 19.4% of the city’s population hailing from Latin America. Houston’s rate of foreign-born residents (26.4%) is nearly twice as high as that of Texas (13.9%).

RSI’s Executive Search and Recruiting services can best suit executives looking for a premier Houston Executive Search Firm.

Being the leading Houston Executive Search Firm, our firm understands the Houston, Texas, market for executives and managers looking to be part of the accounting team at some of the nation’s top companies.

REDUCE HIRING RISK IN HOUSTON, TX Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. Being one of the nation’s leading executive search firms, Reaction Search can minimize the risks associated with recruiting a new employee. Our recruiting experts conduct in-depth candidate reviews to evaluate the competency and quality of each candidate we recommend to our clients. We conduct extensive background and reference checks. When we send you a candidate, we do so with the utmost confidence that the candidate meets your criteria, and would be an asset to your organization.

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